Random Rambling

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able take some more pictures. I have some photos that I took that I haven’t posted because I wasn’t sure if they were cool enough. I tell you what though, if this post gets at least 6 notes, then I will post them. I’ll tag them with ‘#sound of silver talk to me’ so you know which ones they are too.

I am going to try and post more photos that have been taken by me! Lately I haven’t seen a lot of things worth taking pictures of for this blog. I don’t wan’t to be reblogging too much stuff either. I’ve been working some on The Plant Network too. It’s a little network I have been putting together to group some awesome plant related blogs together. That will be finished… Well, I don’t know… never. How about that? It could be changed at any moment. Don’t count on spontaneous changes though… sorry… I am just kind of rambling now… I’ll stop. More sidewalk forest photos on the way!